Welcome to Willie Schmidt's Middle School Science Classes Today is Wednesday, April 23, 2014


One month of school under our belts already and we have many exciting month coming up.

We have already had our first chapter tests and have started our next concept.

"Lab Fridays" has kept everyone busy while having fun.  I am sure the 8th graders don't think that finding the epicenter of an earthquake is much fun but we did get a chance to watch water rise out of the sand as we examined liquifaction.  The 7th graders are still waiting to blow something up but for now they have to be happy with calculating the density of assorted objects.  Our next big lab is to make plastic from milk.  We were going to do it this past week however, as many people realized from the  horrible smell, that the milk turned bad and exploded all over the room.  Maybe that was the explosion they wanted?!?!?  The sixth graders have calculated their reaction times and calculated their speed and acceleration as they walked and ran around the gym and field.

All grades have been assigned current events on an assortment of topics and will develop a well-written summary of the articles and present their findings to the class on 10/15.

I know that some 6th graders may feel that they have a lot of homework.  As I always remind them in class, they shouldn't wait until the last minute to complete long-term assignments and they should review their notes each day so they are not overwhelmed at the last minute.

The Middle School will be celebrating Halloween on 10/31 with our class parties.  Don't forget that when you dress up on Halloween that your costume is not gory or inappropriate because young students will see them.  More information about our party will be sent home at a later date.